James Ong
James Ong


b. 1986, HK.


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Everything tells a story.  Or maybe it's stories tell us everything. Either way.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of digging. Whether you are Michelangelo removing the rock imprisoning the David or a single mother telling her child stories as a way to cope with an imperfect world, you are conveying something about yourself. 

I am interested in the ways we capture and retell stories, what they say about how we understand things, and what they can tell us about where we are going. 

I am not an artist. I like to see things as the are and derive meaning in a way that seem natural, however imperfect reproductions may be. But life isn't that simple. It's rather complex. The human experience is rich and shallow, beautiful and horrible, complex and pedestrian. To understand it requires multiple approaches and mediums in both form and function. The world is multi-sensory. That is how it was meant to be experienced. 

This site is collection of my work from 2010 onward. The content within is for everyone interested in mixed perspectives, created by a mixed-race scholar-turned-writer who enjoys "culture" in whatever derivative it manifests as, and of course, good coffee.

My work has taken me all over the world. I've studied for way too long at too many universities, BA from UCSC, MA from UCLA, PhD in the works. My academic work suggests I have a reasonable interest in multiethnic studies and Asian American issues. Living abroad is something everyone should do if given the opportunity. By far, my favorite place to live and work is Kyoto, Japan. Sit on the banks of the Kamogawa (river) and tell me you aren't inspired. Then go see a Hanshin Tigers game. 

I don't have a single style: my academic publications focus on critical mixed-race analysis, my fiction is emotional surrealism and exaggerated perspective, my photos are the equivalent of cinema vèritè, everything else is just the byproduct of some transient thought I had over a good cup of coffee. 


CV available upon request.