James Ong
James Ong


Curated Content

Drives growth

Fact: visual and written content drives website traffic.

Quality images, videos, articles, and blogs drive web traffic. Ask any web-based business expert from Gary Vaynerchuk to David Meerman Scott, they will tell you content is key. Anyone who wants to be know has to have an online presence. Standing out in the crowd and breaking through the noise requires a solid strategy. 

SEO optimization is crucial, but content must be contextual, relevant, and genuinely enjoyable. It must draw users and label your brand as a thought-leader. In a sum, give your users knowledge and a reason to return to your site again and again. 

(A visual showing conversion) 

Issue: Cost, Copyright, Control

Staffing a full-time designer or copy editor is extremely costly and impractical for small SMBs, individual artists and independent entrepreneurs. Doing it yourself is rewarding but requires takes time, money, and a certain level talent to make content appear professional.  

It is no longer possible to "borrow" images or videos from Google or YouTube without serious implications. Companies are not only going after rivals but small, independent bloggers who use their content without permission or payment (see the first 5 entries on this Google query as proof). 

Freelancers typically sell their visual work by unit at a cost. Websites like Gettyimages allow you to purchase a membership for downloads or buy photographs individually at set rates. But will this content really reflect your company's culture? Do you want to use the same visuals as everyone else? Is originality worth something to you? 


My Solution: Curated Content and Client Ownership

Visunomics artists are in the business of selling their services and knowledge, not just their finished work. 

You own it all at the end

its simple - hire us for a set ammount of time 


Why Us?: Well-rounded, tech-oriented, culturally diverse 

Visunomics has a small, tight staff and we plan to keep it that way. 


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